TO:                         IASBO Members
FROM:                  Denny Costerison


The following is a recap of legislative activities the past couple of days:

House Floor Action on HB 1009

Yesterday, the House took up HB 1009, school financial management, on second reading.  Nine Democratic amendments were propose, but only one was accepted.  The amendment  from Representative Pryor deals with transferring money between the new Education and Operation Funds, and states that only after the transfer is authorized by the school board in a public meeting with public notice can a transfer be made.  The bill will now be on third reading on Monday.

Senate Utilities Committee Meeting

Yesterday, the committee met to hear SB 309, distributed generation.  This is the bill that phases out net metering in 10 years, and therefore is very negative for school corporations.  Senator Hershman, author of the bill, presented an amendment that was accepted by the committee.   The amendment would increase the phase out time to 15 years.  The Associations oppose the bill even with the amendment.  Several superintendents and school business officials attended the hearing and provided excellent testimony on how detrimental the bill would be to their school corporation.  The Associations thanks all of our members who traveled to Indianapolis to speak on the bill.  The bill was held for further discussion next week.

Senate Education Committee

The committee held SB 248, consolidation of school administrative functions, till next week.  It is anticipated that amendments will be made to the bill at that time.

House Ways and Means Committee

The committee held a public testimony session yesterday afternoon on HB 1001, state budget.  Several people testified on the various components in the budget.  IASBO testified (also for ISBA and IAPSS) on the following issues:  the need to provide more than a 1% state-wide increase in the school distribution formula for FY2018 and more than 2% in FY2019; increase the foundation amount;  review the complexity index and add an ELL factor to the index; increase CTE funding; revise the performance grant formula to make it more equitable; expand the funding for broadband; continue the Indiana School Business Officials Leadership Academy; and,  provide assistance to the East Chicago City Schools because of the lead issue.  HB 1001 will be heard next Wednesday when the House Republican budget will be presented.


Committee Schedules

Monday, February 13

Senate Family & Children Services Committee – 9:30 a.m. – Senate Chamber

HB 1507  School buses

House Ways & Means Committee – 11:00 a.m. – Room 404

HB 1043  Referendum process and remonstrance process

Tuesday, February 14

House Education Committee – 8:30 a.m. – House Chamber

HB 1005  Superintendent of Public Instruction

HB 1130  Protections for student journalists

HB 1449  Teacher induction pilot program

HB 1383  Elementary school teachers

HB 1007  Education course access program

House Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee – 8:30 a.m. – Room 156A

HB 1463  Teachers’ defined contribution plan

Wednesday, February 15

Senate Health Committee – 9:00 a.m. – Room 431

SB 506   Suicide prevention programming

Senate Education Committee – 1:30 p.m. – Senate Chamber

“Amend and vote only”

SB 108   Education matters

SB 224   Prekindergarten status report

SB 248   Consolidation of school administrative functions

SB 276   Early education grant pilot program

SB 407   Education matters

SB 504   Programs and services for charter schools

“Hearing only”

SB 498   Teacher compensation

SB 534   Special education scholarship account program

Thursday, February 16

House Education – 8:30 a.m. – Room 156A

HB 1384  High School graduation



The following statement from Micah Vincent, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, was presented to the media yesterday regarding the Standard and Poor’s decision to place Indiana school corporations on negative credit watch:

“We are looking at possible solutions to address S&P’s newfound concerns.  It is our goal to ensure that S&P removes the Indiana State Aid intercept rating from CreditWatch and affirms the intercept program’s excellent credit rating, which supports Indiana’s schools and taxpayers.”  Specific questions can be directed to Justin McAdam at