TO:                         IASBO Members
FROM:                  Denny Costerison



House Ways & Means Committee

The committee met this afternoon to hear Chairman Tim Brown’s amendment to  HB 1001, state budget.  This is the House Republican amendment to the Governor’s proposed budget.  Tomorrow, HB 1001 will be scheduled again to hear other amendments.  The bill will be voted to the House floor on Thursday.

Today’s amendment contains the following components:


  • A 1.1% state-wide increase in state support for FY2018 and a 1.7% increase in state support in FY2019.  A total increase of $273 million over the biennium.
  • The foundation amount in the school formula will increase to $5,246 (+3.1%)  for FY2018 and $5,325 (1.5%) for FY2019.
  • The complexity index in the formula was not changed.
  • Special Education Grant increased to $8,976 (+2.0%) for severe disabilities in FY2018 and to $9,156 (2.0%) for FY2019.
  • There was no change to the CTE Grant in the formula.
  • Categorical funding in the budget was flat-lined.
  • Removes the spring count date for purposes of state support
  • The $40 million for Performance Grants was DELETED from the budget.  The $40 million was put into the foundation portion of the school formula.
  • The Preschool grant will be doubled to $20 million.
  • Increases funding for non-English speaking program by $4.5 million in FY2018 and $7.0 in FY2019.  The per student grant is increased from $200 in FY2017 to $300 in FY2018 and $350 in FY2019.
  • Broadband funding is increased by $1 million each year of the biennium.
  • Adds the HB 1015 language regarding School Corporation Efficiency Incentive Grants.
  • The Indiana School Business Officials Leadership Academy appropriation continues.
  • Language was added to the budget dealing with the Gary Community Schools.

The amendment to HB 1001 can be found on the General Assembly website at  Click on Committees, then Standing, then Ways & Means, then Feb. 15, and finally on Open Packet.  The school distribution formula print-out will be on the House Republicans website at

IASBO will review the budget and formula in more detail, and will provide more information in the next few days.