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FROM:                  Denny Costerison


The March edition of the IASBO InterCom can now be found on the IASBO website.  This edition contains the following: the President’s Message from IASBO President Weedie Smith; information regarding buying IASBO apparel; the 2017 IASBO Professional Development Calendar; the Professional Development Opportunities at the IASBO Annual Meeting;  list of IASBO Sponsors; IASBO New Members; list of IASBO Award Recipients; information on the April ECA and Purchasing Seminars; and a list of IASBO Business Associate Members.


Senate School Formula

A revised version of the Senate school formula will be released today.  The Title I data used was incorrect.  The actual formula calculation is not changed.

House Ways & Means Committee

The committee met on Wednesday to amend SB 198, career and technical education.  Representative Todd Huston, sponsor of the bill, presented a major amendment that deleted the language regarding state and federal CTE funding moving to the Department of Workforce Development.  The amendment restores DOE as the agency that has control of CTE funding.  The amendment was passed by consent and the bill passed 18-0.

Committee Schedules

Monday, April 3

House Ways & Means Committee – 10:00 am – Room 404

SB 567   Gary schools and the distressed unit appeal board

SB 196   School debt service obligations

House Education Committee – 10:30 am – House Chamber

SB 62     School substance abuse prevention pilot program and fund

SB 29     Elective course on Indiana studies

SB 30     Student school information

SB 337   Study of ethnic and racial groups course

Monday, April 3 is the last day for committee hearings in the second house.  The last day for a bill to pass second reading is Wednesday, April 5 and the last day for third reading is Thursday, April 6.  After Thursday, we can see what bills are still moving.  Bills that have passed both houses with no amendments will go directly to the Governor.  Bills that have been amended in the second house and the author does not agree with the amendment will go to a conference committee.  In the conference committee, a compromise will be attempted to be worked out.  After next week, the key deadline will be April 21 which is the date that the legislative leadership have set for the end of the session.  Stay tuned because the next few weeks will be interesting.


Position:              Human Resources Director
Corporation:      Fayette County School Corporation

  • Serves as the Superintendent’s designee with responsibility for administration of the personnel management service for the system.
  • Establishes and maintains appropriate personnel files for all employees.
  • Places employees on salary schedules by analyzing their experience and preparation.
  • Verifies that those who hold that position meet the certification requirements of position.
  • Directs periodic review of existing job descriptions which include, but are not limited to, major duties, responsibilities, and qualifications or prepares the job description upon the creation of a new position.
  • Prepares personnel recommendations for submission to the Superintendent.
  • Shares in the leadership role of fostering building of staff morale throughout the district.
  • Participates in appropriate local, state and national professional meetings.
  • Minimum of a Bachelor or Master’s Degree with emphasis in Administration and/or Human Resources.
  • Full Administrator Benefits
  • Salary $60,000.00

POSTED:      March 21, 2017


 Please Complete Electronic Application at

Position:              Transportation Director
Corporation:      Fayette County School Corporation

  • Conforms with all state laws and regulations regarding school transportation.
  • Prepares and designs bus routes for all public and non-public schools in the district.
  • Applies knowledge of State, Federal and local regulations to ensure compliance to bus operations.
  • Oversees transportation budget and bus replacement plan.
  • Advises Superintendent of road hazards for decision on school closing or delays.
  • Working with principals and parents collaboratively to ensure safety of all students.
  • Cooperates with school principals/directors for planning school trips.
  • Works collaboratively with state, county and local departments to insure safety for all.
  • Maintains maintenance safety standards and develops program of prevention safety.
  • Operational Leader Benefits
  • Salary Range $52,000.00 – $57,000.00

POSTED:      March 21, 2017
       DEADLINE:  April 7, 2017

Please Complete Electronic Application at

Dr. Stephen Bayer
Director of Human Resources
Phone: 765-825-2178
Fayette County School Corporation
Office of Human Resources
1401 Spartan Drive
Connersville, IN 47331
Fax: 765-825-8060