TO:                         IASBO Members
FROM:                  Denny Costerison

Position:              Chief Financial Officer
Corporation:      MSD of Wayne Township

The MSD of Wayne Township is seeking an experienced administrator to become our Chief Financial Officer.  Candidates must have demonstrated previous success in accounting and school administration is preferred.  Candidate will display abilities to motivate staff members to reach their fullest potential and implement changes that positively impact student achievement.  Successful candidates will be knowledgeable in supervision, business and finance, technology and Indiana law.  Effective communication skills coupled with a collaborative leadership style are required attributes for those who seek to apply.  A degree in Education, Business Management or Accounting is required as well as a broad background in supervising staff at all levels.

Selected Job Responsibilities

  • Supervises the recruiting, hiring, training, and evaluating of all Business Office staff.
  • Supervises the Child Nutrition Services, Grounds and Maintenance, Custodial Services, and Transportation Departments.
  • Develops all long-range financial plans for the district.
  • Develops procedures, prepares and periodically reviews the budget.
  • Prepares and analyzes all financial statements.
  • Makes purchases for the district in accordance with applicable law, regulation, and fiscal conditions.
  • Supervises the accounting system for the district pursuant to legal requirements.
  • Serves as Treasurer for the district.
  • Supervises the district insurance program.
  • Maintains an inventory of property within the district.
  • Monitors the internal accounting of individual school budgets and all funds.
  • Acts as advisor to the superintendent on all questions relating to the business and financial affairs of the district.
  • Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the superintendent or his or her designee may assign.

Interested applicants should apply online at:
Application Deadline:  August 11, 2017
Starting Date: October 30, 2017 (if available)
Contact Person: Dr. Shenia Suggs, Asst. Superintendent for Human Resources,


Pursuant to Senate Enrolled Act 321-2016, the Department of Local Government Finance is to provide to taxing units estimated maximum levies under IC 6-1.1-18.5-3 for the ensuing budget year before July 15. The Department has computed these estimated maximum levies for Budget Year 2018.  These estimates can be found at The Department’s estimated maximum levies are not binding. Official Budget Year 2018 maximum levies will be computed when the Department completes its budget review of adopted budgets.

In addition, the Department has prepared estimated maximum rates for Budget Year 2018 for rate-controlled funds. These estimates can be found at: The Department’s estimated maximum rates are not binding. The Department will compute the actual maximum rate for these funds when the Department completes its budget review of adopted budgets.

The Department has released estimated debt service fund levies for Budget Year 2018. These estimates can be found at:

Lastly, by August 1, the Department will release estimated property tax cap credit impacts for each taxing unit. Notice will be provided when these figures are available.

If you have any questions on the maximum levy or maximum tax rate calculations released today, please contact Matt Parkinson at