IASBO 2016-17 Professional Development Materials

To access and download materials for IASBO Professional Development events, please click on the appropriate link. These material pages are password protected. Access for each set of materials is given on the day of the event to those who register and attend.

9-13-16 IASBO/IAEOP School Office Professionals Seminar

9-15/16-16 IASBO Leadership Academy

9-21-16 IASBO Certification Course BG125

9-21-16 IASBO Certification Course BG130

9-28-16 IASBO Facilities Conference

9-30-16 IASBO Internal Controls Seminar

10-5-16 IASBO Certification Course ADM115

10-5-16 IASBO Certification Course HR120

10-5-16 IASBO Certification Course ADM210

11-1-16 IASBO Certification Course ADM110

11-1-16 IASBO Certification Course F110

11-2-16 IASBO Certification Course F120

11-2-16 IASBO Certification Course F130

11-9-16 IASBO Human Resources Seminar

IASBO Leadership Academy Session #6

12-1-16 IASBO Certification Course B150

12-6-16 IASBO Business Office 201 Seminar

12-13-16 IASBO School Finance Issues Seminar

3-2-17 Treasurer Workshop Day 1

3-3-17 Treasurer Workshop Day 2

March 7 & 8 Winter Institute   HR111   HR113   HR210   HR216

3-9-17 IASBO Certification Course B110

IASBO Leadership Academy Session #7

3-21-17 IASBO & CoSN Technology & Data Seminar

3-22-17 IASBO School Nutrition Seminar

3-23-17 IASBO Budget Workshop Day 1

3-24-17 IASBO Budget Workshop Day 2

4-11-17 IASBO Certification Courses   BG110  BG115

4-11-17 Treasurer Workshop Day 3

4-11-17 Treasurer Workshop Day 4

4-18-17 Purchasing Issues Seminar

4-27-17 IASBO Budget Workshop Day 3

4-28-17 IASBO Budget Workshop Day 4

IASBO Leadership Academy Session #8

5-10-17 Preconference Workshops
Federal Education Update
Affordable Care Act Compliance
Fiscal Management of Federal Funds

5-10-17 IASBO Certification Courses
Accrual Accounting (A114)
School Law & Administrative Rules: Advanced (ADM112)
Food & Nutrition Administration (ADM118)

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