The Indiana Association of School Business Officials has established a voluntary certification program for all Indiana ASBO active members. The program, designed to train current and prospective school business officials, offers practical information to assist the member to succeed and excel in their profession. The program is designed to advance the professionalism of school business officials to assure a base of knowledge for all school corporations.

The program provides a series of required and elective courses for five classifications of school business management – Chief Business Officer; Assistant Chief Business Officer; Business Office Specialist; Facilities Director and Human Resources Specialist. Participants have five years in which to complete the coursework necessary to obtain their Certification, however the program has been designed so that an individual can attain the certification status in two years if he/she can attend each course as it is offered. Notice of Certification Program courses will be distributed by the IASBO office through the IASBO email system and will be provided on the IASBO website on our Calendar.

IASBO certification courses will provide a great deal of information in a short period of time. The courses are intended to cover major points about their respective topics, offer an opportunity for questions and discussion, and provide resource information for future use. Click the following link for complete IASBO CERTIFICATION COURSE DESCRIPTIONS.

In order to be approved for the Certification Program, you must complete the application and pay the application fee of $25.00 to Indiana ASBO. You may apply for the Certification Program at any time.

When you have finished your course work, you will receive a certificate verifying your completion of the Certification Program. Further, a letter will be sent to your school board president and superintendent announcing that you have completed the requirements for the IASBO Certification Program.

The re-certification timeline is five years. During this five year period, the certified member must accumulate Certification Program course work, IASBO seminar and IASBO Annual Meeting hours to continue to be certified. The number of contact hours per category for re-certification are as follows:

Chief Business Officer – 150 hours

Assistant Chief Business Officer – 120 hours

Business Office Specialist –  90 hours

Facilities Director – 90 hours

Human Resources Specialist – 90 hours

The IASBO Board of Directors enthusiastically endorses this program, and hopes that you will become a participant in the IASBO Certification Program. For more information or questions regarding this program, please contact us at (317) 639-3586.