IASBO Mentorship Program

  • A one-year program designed to be another tool to assist new school business officials
  • A structured program to have someone answer questions and get assistance when needed – “someone to count on”
  • A program to build a solid framework around the informal mentoring already happening
  • A structure that will create a training program and an evaluation system
  • A program designed for school business officials with less than two years of experience
Program Eligibility/Requirements/Services


  • Must be an IASBO Member
  • Must be Enrolled in the IASBO Certification Program
  • Must Agree to the Mentoring Program Stipulations
  • Must have Superintendent Sign-off on Participation in the Program


  • Must be an IASBO Member or Recently Retired IASBO Member
  • Program will Match Mentor Skills with Protégé Needs
  • Must Have Bimonthly Meetings with Protégé
  • Will Receive Certification Program Hours for Time Spent with Protégé
  • Acknowledged at Annual Meeting Opening Session – Special Ribbon for Name Badge
  • Reserved Tables for Mentors and Protégés at the Thursday Lunch at the Annual Meeting
  • Cracker Barrel Session for Mentors at the Thursday Breakfast at the Annual Meeting
  • Mentor Training Clinic Session at the Annual Meeting


  • Protégé sends application to IASBO office
  • IASBO office calls Protégé to discuss the program
  • Mentor chosen by Regional Director and IASBO Office
  • Mandatory training for mentor – discuss difference between consulting and mentoring (no on-site work)
  • Assessment of program by Mentor and Protégé after the program is completed

IASBO Involvement

  • Monitor program/keep records
  • Collect/distribute fees
  • Develop application forms, superintendent sign-off sheet, and evaluation instruments
  • Present Mentoring Program and Training at IASBO Regional Meetings
  • Regional Directors will coordinate program for their region, develop mentor pool, direct contact with IASBO office, and serve as communication person between Mentor and Protégé


  • $100 paid to IASBO from Protégé or Protégé’s school corporation
  • Fee is for mileage and meals that will be reimbursed to Mentor


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