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Friday, June 29, 2018  
The State Budget Agency has calculated the assessed value growth quotient pursuant to IC 6-1.1- 18.5-2 for property tax levies first due and payable in CY 2019. The growth quotient for CY 2019 is 3.400%. The calculation uses the information released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis on June 27, 2018. 

Yesterday, the School Corporation Fiscal and Qualitative Indicators Committee held their first meeting.  David Holt, CFO for MSD of Warren Township, is IASBO’s representative on the committee.  The committee discussed their process and schedule.  Further, existing research and similar projects in other states were discussed.

The future meetings and agenda for each meeting are as follows (all meetings begin at 2:00 pm in Room 900 of the One North Capitol building in downtown Indianapolis):

July 12
Public comment
Revenue indicators
Expenditure indicators
Fund balance indicators
July 26
Debt indicators
Qualitative indicators
Demographic indicators
August 23
Review of preliminary draft of indicators and proposed dashboard presentation
September 6
Public comment on preliminary draft
September 27
Finalization of indicators and dashboard presentation for submission to the State Budget Committee

Questions and comments on the committee work can be emailed at  More information can be found at the following website:

Position:  Director of Finance
Corporation:  Peru Community Schools

Responsible for Financial accounting and reporting.  Corporation treasurer.  Responsible for the payment of all corporation obligations and disbursements.   Reconciliation of all bank accounts to the book balances monthly.  Reviews the monthly report of expenditures and appropriation balances by fund.  Reviews all revenue received and its proper receipt.  Assist with audits and audit preparation.  Responsible for safeguarding cash and assets including internal controls and procedures.  Responsible for the preservation and destruction (when necessary) of all ledgers, payroll records, claims and other documents of the school corporation.  Monitors the balances of all funds and accounts administered by the school corporation.  Prepares the monthly Fund Monitoring Report.  Responsible for claims to be submitted to the School Board.  Responsible for financial reports to state agencies.  Prepares the publication of the annual financial report. Responsible for servicing the corporation’s debt.  Responsible for cash management including investments and temporary loans.  Responsible for preparation of forecasts and modeling tools to anticipate the corporation’s future financial condition.  Preparation and administration of the school budget.  Assists with administration of state and federal grants.  Coordinates the use and selection of financial software.  Responsible for professional development of business office personnel.  Maintains liaison with professional, civic, volunteer and other community agencies and groups having an interest in public education.  Other such duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.

QUALIFICATIONS: B.S. preferred in accounting, finance, business management or related field. 
School business office experience is preferred, a minimum of three years of experience. 
Chief Business Officer Certification from Indiana Association of School Business Officials preferred. 
Other qualifications or alternatives as the superintendent may find appropriate.

SALARY: Salaried, Classified or licensed, Administrative Position – 260 days per year Salary is commensurate with education and experience. 

APPLICATION PROCESS: Prior to an interview, all applicants must have completed their on-line application (go to, click on menu, then employment and follow the directions). Please also attach: • Letter of interest • Complete resume • letters of reference. Fringe benefit package Board of School Trustees pays the employer portion of TRF or PERF. 

Position:  High School Physics and Chemistry Teacher
Corporation:  Southwestern Jefferson County CSC

Must hold a valid Indiana teaching license in physics and chemistry or be able and willing to obtain one.  

Submit application to Jeff Bates, High School Principal