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General Assembly Activities

Friday, March 22, 2019  


Senate Floor Action
Yesterday afternoon, the Senate amended HB 1021.  Amendment #4 deletes the portion of the committee amendment regarding the circuit breaker waiver.  So, the increase of the threshold from 10% to 40% in 2019 was deleted.  The new amendment creates a phase-out of the waiver.  The waiver threshold phase-out is as follows:

2019       10%

2020       15%

2021       25%

2022       50%

2023       75%

As you will note, this is a very aggressive phase-out procedure.  IASBO does not support how fast the phase-out will impact numerous school corporations. The key part of the amendment is that 2019 is not impacted and this does keep the bill alive. There were discussions to kill the bill which would have totally eliminated the waiver for 2019. IASBO has been in discussions with Representatives Todd Huston and Jeff Thompson regarding the future of the circuit breaker waiver and HB 1021 will definitely go to conference committee.  IASBO will ask the House to begin any negotiations on HB 1001 with the 10% threshold.  When a phase-out of the waiver is discussed, IASBO will work diligently to revise the  procedure in conference committee to create a more realistic timeline.  If you are a corporation that is impacted by the circuit breaker by more than 10%, you need to continue to contact your legislators about the importance of maintaining the waiver.  There are still five weeks remaining in the 2019 session to work on the waiver issue in HB 1021.

It is important to note that HB 1021 also contains the following issues that IASBO supports:

  • Elimination of the notice for the capital expenditures plan and the school bus replacement plan
  • A new procedure for corporations whose AV growth is greater than the AVGQ to increase the growth factor for the Operation Fund levy
  • Revises the capital expenditure plan so that where the revenue is coming from is no longer reported
  • Correcting additional statutes regarding HEA 1009 (2017) now that there is no longer a General Fund

House Floor Action
Yesterday, the House amended SB 2, school bus safety.  The following amendments passed:

  • The section dealing with camera enforcement of traffic regulations was deleted.  This section was a may provision where a corporation could enter into an agreement with a contractor for the purchase of cameras where the recorded images could be used in court as evidence during school bus safety cases.
  • The amendment would add a new section to the use of special purpose buses by adding preschool children and persons with developmental disabilities
  • Lastly, the term “a private road” was added throughout the bill where the term “roadway” was used regarding school bus stops (roadway or a private road)


Committee Schedules

Tuesday, March 26

Senate Tax & Fiscal Policy Committee – 10:00 am – Room 431

HB 1473                Indiana bond bank (amend and vote only)


Wednesday, March 27

House Education Committee – 8:30 am – House Chamber

Amend and Vote Only

SB 132   Civics test as graduation requirement

SB 281   School administrator contracts

SB 562 Education matters

SB 567 Virtual education

SB 607   Workforce diploma reimbursement


SB 420   Workforce development

SB 438   Teacher licensing and credentials

SB 606   Teacher salaries

SB 546   Education task force


Thursday, March 28

Senate Local Government Committee – 10:00 am – Room 125

HB 1214                Construction managers as constructors



Position: Director of Finance
Corporation: Lakeland School Corporation

POSITION SUMMARY: Lakeland School Corporation is searching for a Director of Finance, with five or more successful years in school business related fields, who can effectively plan, develop, and supervise the financial department of the district. The Director of Finance will be an integral part of our leadership staff.  The ideal candidate will have the knowledge base, skills, and personal attributes listed below. 

ESSENTIAL JOB REQUIREMENTS: Knowledge Base in following areas: • Leadership in operational and budgetary fields • School accounting software (or ability to learn software) • Indiana State Board of Accounts rules and regulations Needed: • Time management and organization • Strong written and oral communication skills • Detail oriented Personal Attributes Needed: • Patience, enthusiasm, and energy • Team spirit – administrative team, school staff, greater community • Self-motivator • High standards of personal conduct

EDUCATION:  Business Degree preferred or equivalent experience
CONTACT PERSON: Jenny Landez, HR Director,

Position: Business Manager/Treasurer
Corporation: Union Township School Corporation

Under general direction, to plan, organize, manage and participate in the accounting and fiscal record management and reporting activities and functions; to supervise, review and evaluate the performance of business office personnel; to prepare the annual budget and adjust budgetary accounts to match actual revenue; to prepare Corporation cash flow projections and reports; to review, monitor and audit student body fund record management activities; to perform the more technical and specialized accounting and financial record management and reporting functions; and to do other related work as required.

Compensation will be based on a 260 work calendar and commensurate with education and experience.   Other benefits available per the Administrative Addendum and include:

Medical Insurance benefit paid at 80%;  

Vision and Dental available;

Life Insurance paid at $75,000;  

Annual annuity at $3000;

PERF/TRF paid at 3%; and,

Employee receives 4 personal days,15 sick days, and 15 vacation days annually.


Application Deadline:

March 29, 2019

Applicant should submit:

  1. Letter of interest              
  2. Completed application that is available online at under employment
  3. Resume and transcripts
  4. List of references

Send all information to:

Mr. John Hunter, Superintendent

Union Township School Corporation

599 W 300 North, Suite A

Valparaiso, IN 46385