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Tuesday, April 2, 2019  


Senate Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee
The committee met this morning to hear two bills impacting public schools.  Both bills are authored by Representative Jeff Thompson.  Senator Travis Holdman is the Senate sponsor for both bills.  The first bill was HB 1034, political subdivision controlled projects and debt.  The bill revises the thresholds for holding a referendum election or the petition/remonstrance process.  HB 1034 revises the language to the referendum question by adding information regarding the retirement of existing debt and the impact on the referendum levy and rate.  Lastly, the bill restricts the promotion of a referendum or a petition/remonstrance by any other political subdivision that has assessed valuation within the same taxing district as the political subdivision proposing the project.  IASBO supported the portion of the bill that amends the referendum question and had questions/concerns on the new thresholds and the promotion language.  IASBO also testified for ISBA and IAPSS.  The bill was held till next week for amendments.

The second bill was HB 1052, local income tax and other financing matters.  HB 1052 revises the calculation for the distribution of local income taxes to local governmental units.  The fiscal impact statement shows that there will be a shift of local income tax from school corporations and other civil units.  The bill also creates a new report created by the DLGF regarding the Operations Fund and a new report created by the Department of Education regarding the state and local funding for kindergarten through grade 12.  IASBO was the only one testifying on the bill and brought concerns about the potential loss of local income tax revenues.  It was recommended that either the local income tax change be deleted from the bill or that this issue should be moved to a summer study committee.  IASBO did not question the two new reports because all of the data needed is already being collected.  IASBO did recommend that the Fiscal and Qualitative Indicators Committee consult with the DOE on the K-12 report instead of the State Board of Education.  The bill was held till next week for amendments.

The Indiana Department of Education, School and Community Nutrition (SCN) Division hosted Coffee Break Webinars for administrators in February 2019. To view the recorded webinars, click on specific title: Smart Snacks and Wellness PoliciesEnsuring Compliance with Special Dietary Needs in Your Schools, and Understanding Resource Management in the School Nutrition Programs and Ways to Support Food Service – Part One and Part Two. Contact our SCN team with any questions.


Position: Accounting Coordinator/Deputy Treasurer

Corporation: Noblesville Schools

Position Summary: Serves as the corporation’s Accounting Coordinator and Deputy Treasurer.  Assists the Chief Financial Officer with the effective processing of authorized financial transactions.

Minimum Requirements: High school diploma or GED.  An acceptable score on a pre-employment test may be required; Training and experience with government accounting procedures and data processing systems; Post-secondary training in accounting or equivalent work experience is desirable; Multi-tasking ability and strong diplomacy skills; Knowledgeable in the use of office equipment/software applications that supports job functions; Proficient in office protocol, data entry, spelling, proofreading, and the correct use of grammar; Bookkeeping skills and the ability to consistently compute mathematical data accurately; Gives careful attention to details and effective customer service.

Essential Functions: Establishes and maintains funds and accounts as set forth in the Indiana Statutes and the Accounting Manual issued by the State Board of Accounts; Supervises Accounts Payable and Purchasing/Accounts Receivable personnel; Prepares monthly financial statement for various funds, individual schools, and departments; Monitors cash balances available to maximize investment earnings; Works with state and federal auditors as requested; Performs all grant administration including budget forecasting, set up, reimbursement requests, and reporting; Reconciles all bank and credit card accounts along with balancing ledgers monthly; Completes all required state reports; Oversees inventory control for fixed assets; Serves as backup for accounts payable and purchasing; Maintains on-line credit card payment system and serves as financial software administrator; Coordinates textbook rental process including preparation of state reimbursement report; Supports and assists school treasurers; Other duties as assigned by the Chief Financial Officer. 

Please apply on-line at