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Wednesday, November 13, 2019  


The following Indiana ASBO PD activities will be held in the next few weeks.  All of the events will be held at Primo Banquet and Conference Center except for the ECA Seminar that will be held at the Whitko Middle School (710 North State Road 5, Larwill, IN 46764).  Registration information and agendas for all of the activities can be found on the IASBO website.

November 19 – Extracurricular Accounting Seminar

November 21 – Human Resources Seminar

December 3 – Budgeting for School Operations (B150) Certification Course

December 4 – Business Office 201 Seminar

December 10 – School Finance Seminar



Position:            Business Manager
Corporation:      Jennings County Schools

Position Goal:  To advise superintendent and the board in all matters relating to the business and financial operation of the school corporation.  Establish effective and efficient business procedures for the ultimate benefit of the education program.

Performance Responsibilities: 
1.  Annual Budget – To furnish such data and assistance as may be required by the superintendent in the preparation and presentation of the annual budget.
2.  Long-Range Budget – Preparation of long-range budget planning projections
3.  Bookkeeping – Supervises the collection, disbursement, accounting and reporting of all school funds.  Such activities include investments, bond sales, borrowing, advance draws, fund transfers, additional appropriations, transfers, cash tuition, extra-curricular accounts, textbook rental, cafeteria funds, and any other transactions necessary.
4.  Financial Reports – Develop regular, periodic financial reports for the superintendent and the board.
5.  Insurance – To maintain a systematic insurance program for the school district which includes procedures for determining needs and adequacy of coverage, obtaining and evaluating bids or quotations from brokers, recommending contracts to be awarded, and maintaining an insurance file.
6.  Land Acquisition – Supervise and finalize all land sales, property sales, and acquisition of new land and property.
7.  New Building/Alterations – Assist in the planning and equipping of new buildings and remodeling of existing structures.
8.  Financial Records – Prepare and keep current income and expenditure records for all corporation funds, federal, state and local, as well as projected building program expenses and cash flow charts.
9.  Building Corporation – Provide liaison between the school corporation and any school building corporation.
10. Agency Liaison – Maintain liaison with the school attorney, all insurance representatives, county and state tax officials, the state board of accounts and the Indiana Department of Education Offices.
11. Tuition Transfers – Recommend annual cash and transfer tuition rates as prescribed by law.
12. Long-Range Planning – Anticipate business service or financial problems and provide appropriate recommendations concerning alternative courses of action.
13. School Board – Attend meetings of the board which deal with finance and business management and report, at the direction of the superintendent, on those items requested.
14. Public Relations – Meet with lay-professional groups, public and private, for the purpose of discussing and interpreting the various aspects of the financial and business operation of the school corporation.
15. Annual Report/ State Reports – Prepare and submit annually to the superintendent a detailed written report for publication concerning the past year’s activities, prepare and supervise submission of all state reports in a timely manner.
16. Personnel Supervision and Evaluation – Supervise and evaluate annually all personnel who report to the business manager.
17. Interpersonal Relationships – Ability to work with employees at all levels; to ensure school funds are being administered and utilized effectively and responsibly.
18. Grant assistance/oversight – work with Directors on all grants and assist as needed to ensure that all objectives/deliverables are being met/maintained.
19. Other- Perform other duties as assigned by the superintendent.
Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree required with an emphasis in accounting, business, or finance preferred. An understanding of basic accounting practices and procedures especially as they relate to the operation of a school district.



The Avon Community School Corporation is looking to purchase portable classrooms.  If you have any portable classrooms available for sale, please contact Scott Wyndham, Assistant Superintendent, Avon CSC at