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Wednesday, November 27, 2019  


The November edition of the IASBO InterCom can now be found on the IASBO website and also by clicking HERE.  In this issue are the following items:  IASBO President Scott Bowling’s Message; Denny’s Thoughts on Organizational Day; List of IASBO Sponsors; Information on the Indiana Finance Authority Lead Sampling Program; the IASBO Professional Development Calendar; IASBO New Members; DOE Names New Position; Every Hoosier Child Counts Committee; information on the IASBO School Finance Seminar; and List of IASBO Business Associate Members.


Why is it that as I get older, time goes faster?  I just looked at the calendar and next week is December.  We are in a fast moving world!

Indiana ASBO wishes you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  With all of the challenges, there are still so many blessings.  Keep counting the blessings and the challenges will move on.  I realize there will always be challenges, but the blessings (spouses, children, grandchildren, partners, friends, good health, etc.) will always overshadow the challenges.

Corporation Treasurer/Business Affairs Manager
Pioneer Regional School Corporation
To advise the superintendent and the board in all matters relating to the business and financial operations of the school corporation.  Establish effective and efficient business procedures for the ultimate benefit of the education program.
1. Supervises the accounting system necessary to provide school officials and administrators with accurate financial facts as the basis for formulating policies and decisions; provides the proper safeguards for custody of public funds. 
2. Performs pre-audit of internal procedures; determines that prepared statements present fairly the financial position, propriety, legality, and accuracy of financial transactions; proper recording of all financial transactions; post-audit procedures; external audits; reconciliation of internal and external audits; conducts internal reviews of student activities and petty cash funds in the District schools; monitors and reconciles food service accounts. 
3. Develops procedures and policy on cash management and investments; develops cash projection report of revenues and expenditures of the Education and Operation funds; selects the type and source of investments; maintains records and prepares monthly report of cash and investments; provides for full investment of all surplus funds. 
4. Holds responsibility for debt service and capital fund management. Performs long and short-term financing, including Tax Anticipation Notes (TANS); maturities and debt payments; long-range capital improvement programs; short-term debt management; debt service payment procedures and reports; investment of surplus capital funds; refunding of bond issues. 
5. Implements the School District's financial accounting system in accordance with "The Manual of Accounting and Related Financial Procedures for Indiana State Board of Accounts"; translates the school budget into a business office accounting system; prepares the annual financial report of the District and other financial reports as required for submission to the State; prepares monthly financial reports to the Board of School Directors; interprets the annual audit report; supervises accounting procedures on payroll operation, accounts payable, trust and agency accounts, local, state and federal taxes, retirement, social security, insurance programs, and student activity funds, and school lunch funds. 
6. Holds responsibility for financial planning and budgeting. Compiles and prepares the annual education budget; long-term fiscal planning; operating budget control; expenditure and revenue estimates; fiscal relationships with other governmental units; prepares monthly financial reports for the Board of School Trustees. 
7. Holds responsibility for insurance and risk management. Performs review and selection of insurance programs in conjunction with the Superintendent; determines coverage to be provided; obtains insurable values on building and contents; files insurance claims and reports; directs insurance procurement procedures; maintains insurance policies and claim records; develops specifications and places insurance with companies, agents, and brokers. 
8. Supervises and assists payroll operations for payment of all employees in accordance with negotiated contracts and Board policies; Assists in the completion of local, state, and federal reports on payroll deductions; Assists in establishing payroll policies and procedures; monitors proper accounting of all payroll disbursements; and audits all payroll records. 
9. Provides information necessary for unemployment and worker's compensation claims and appeals. 
10. Coordinates federal and state employee surveys and reports (i.e. Equal Opportunity Employment, salary surveys, etc.) 
11. Acts as designated purchasing agent for the School District; processes purchase orders; recommends and enforces purchasing policies, procedures, and regulations; prepares specifications and determines quality of equipment and supplies; enforces school code requirements for bidding and purchasing; responsible for storage and delivery of supplies; maintains inventory control; serves as the School District's expert on the source and cost of supplies, equipment, and services; maintains records and catalogues on items to be purchased. 
12. Holds responsibility for Real Estate and Fixed Asset Management. Maintains inventory records and determines values of fixed assets; secures adequate insurance and provides for security of fixed assets; responsible for management of real and personal property records. 
13. Provides pertinent fiscal data for negotiations, including salary projections; assists in the administration of negotiated contracts. 
14. Provides financial data for state and federal financial grants; provides assistance in securing financial grants; monitors District use of grant monies. 
15. Assists systems and network operations in the evaluation and selection of data processing hardware and software for business functions. 
16. Acts as the District’s Human Resources Manager - Meet with lay-professional groups, public and private, for the purpose of discussing and interpreting the various aspects of the financial and business operation of the school corporation.
17. Assists in directing operation, maintenance, and facility improvements of the School District in conjunction with the Superintendent, Maintenance Director, and both schools Custodial Supervisors. 
18. Works collaboratively with the Superintendent and Maintenance Director to establish accountability for energy consumption and to establish a District energy management program for the reduction of utility consumption. 
19. Building Corporation – Provide liaison between the school corporation and any school building corporation.
20. Attends Board meetings and serves as recorder of meeting minute’s. 
21. Provides fiscal reporting for Transportation operations.  Oversees transportation drug testing.  
22. Ensures proper adherence to District policy and procedures, and ensures proper adherence to applicable contract language that is in effect for the District. 
23. Provides increased fiscal oversight for Title I, Title II, High Ability, and IDEA Federal funds.
24. Annual Report/ State Reports – Prepare and submit annually to the superintendent a detailed written report for publication concerning the past year’s activities, prepare and supervise submission of all state reports in a timely manner. 
25. Interpersonal Relationships – Ability to work with employees at all levels; to ensure school funds are being administered and utilized effectively and responsibly.
26. Renews skills to meet those required by increased use of technology and/or the initiating of new policies, procedures, and practices.
27. Maintains confidentiality with all District information, including District and school population information
28. Performs any other duties assigned by the Superintendent. 

Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree required with an emphasis in accounting, business, or finance preferred. An understanding of basic accounting practices and procedures especially as they relate to the operation of a school district.