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Wednesday, January 8, 2020  


House Ways & Means Committee

The committee met yesterday morning to hear HB 1007, fiscal matters.  Representative Tim Brown is the sponsor of the bill.  On June 30 of last year, the state received an unexpected increase in the state’s surplus.  The amount was approximately $267 million.  The Governor’s office and the Republicans in each House determined that they would use this extra surplus monies to pay cash for university building projects that have already been approved by the State Budget Committee.  Using the new monies in this way will save interest costs in the future for the state.  The amount to be added to the budget is In order to spend these monies on the university projects, the state budget would need to be opened and HB 1007 is the mechanism to do that.  Testifying in favor of the bill were the following: Zac Johnson, State Budget Director; Indiana Chamber of Commerce; Indiana State University; Ivy Tech; Indiana University; Ball State University; and Purdue University.  There was no testimony against the bill.

Representative Greg Porter, ranking minority member of the committee, presented an amendment to the bill.  The first would have deleted the use of the new surplus monies for university building projects and would distribute the $290 million in the bill to the Department of Education and the tuition support formula.  These monies would then be added to the tuition support distribution beginning in January of 2020.  The amendment failed 7-13 on a party line vote.

The bill was voted out of committee by a vote of 14-7.

Senate Health and Provider Services Committee

This morning the committee heard SB 142, Medicaid reimbursement for schools.  Senator Andy Zay is the author of the bill.  The digest of the bill is as follows:

“Specifies services for which a school corporation may seek Medicaid reimbursement. Adds physical therapy to the list of services a school psychologist may refer a student. Allows school psychologists to make referrals to physical therapists for mandated school services.”

SB 142 is a may provision for school corporations to seek reimbursement for additional covered Medicaid services.  There were numerous committee questions regarding current law on this issue, how the funding works regarding the reimbursement for Medicaid services and the referring of students for a physical therapist.  Testifying in favor of the bill were: Department of Education, IAPSS, ISBA, IASBO, IASP, ISTA, Urban Schools Association, Association of School Pyschologists; Association of Addiction Professional, Mental Health Association; and Small & Rural Schools Association.  No one testified against the bill.  The bill was held to the next committee meeting.

Position:           Business Manager
Corporation:     Central Noble Community School Corporation

Primary Responsibilities:               
The organization, direction and operation of financial & business affairs, including: 
o Preparation of annual district budget  
o Financial records & reports      
o Purchasing, Accounting & Payroll Functions
• Maintain & Monitor revenue collections & develop procedure in Compliance with SBOA
• Assist with bid purchasing and quotations         
• Manage district wide property & casualty insurance programs 
• Manage & provide oversight to business services staff & ECA Treasurers             
• Track  grants & monitor revenue & spending                    
• Minimum 5 years of successful experience in business management     
• Experience or knowledge of school law, regulations governing school finance administration and school budgets desired 
• Bachelor’s Degree or beyond in Business, Accounting or related field preferred 
• In depth knowledge of principles, methods, techniques and practices of budget administration                

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.  Interested persons shall  apply in writing with: Resume and Classified Application from: to:  
Central Noble School Corporation
Attn: Troy Gaff  
200 E. Main St.  
Albion,  IN 46701               
Phone: 260-636-2175     
Fax:     260-636-7918