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General Assembly Activities

Monday, January 13, 2020  


Senate Floor Action

SB 2, school accountability, passed by a vote of 49-0.  This is the “hold-harmless” bill dealing with the ILEARN test.


House Floor Action

HB 1001, school accountability, passed by a vote of 100-0.  Same language as SB 2

HB 1002, teacher evaluations, passed by a vote of 100-0.  This is the decoupling bill regarding teacher evaluations and test scores.

HB 1007, fiscal matters, passed by a vote of 77-21.  HB 1007 adds $290 million of the state’s surplus monies to the state budget for university projects.  11 Democrats voted in favor of the bill.  The bill passed today and is scheduled for a hearing in Senate Appropriations this Thursday.

These measures were caucus positions that were determined several weeks ago.  Further, Governor Holcomb supports these bills, and they are definitely on a fast track to get to his desk. 

Committee Schedules

Tuesday, January 14

Senate Homeland Security & Transportation Committee – 10:00 am – Room 233

SB 246   Mental health services

House Veteran Affairs & Public Safety Committee – 10:30 am – Room 156D

HB 1151                School resource officers

Wednesday, January 15

House Education Committee – 9:00 am – House Chamber

HB 1003                Education matters

HB 1091                Education benefits relating to military service

HB 1153                Governor’s workforce cabinet

Senate Education Committee – Upon Adjournment – Senate Chamber

Amend & Vote Only

SB 131   National motto in schools

SB 195   Utility career and technical education cluster

Testimony Only

SB 223   High school graduation requirements

SB 266   Teacher training

SB 295   Various education matters

SB 328   Financial responsibility training and instruction

Thursday, January 16

Senate Local Government Committee – 9:30 am – Room 130

Amend & Vote Only

SB 23     Annexation

Senate Appropriations – 10:00 am – Room 431

HB 1007               Fiscal matters