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Thursday, January 23, 2020  


House Ways & Means Committee

The committee met today to amend and vote on four bills that IASBO is follows.  The bills are:

  • HB 1108, state board of accounts – this is the annual clean-up bill for the SBOA.  Passed 21-0
  • HB 1113, department of local government finance – this is the annual clean-up bill for the DLGF.  Numerous amendments were added to the bill by the committee, but none of them impacted school corporations.  Passed as amended 21-0
  • HB 1204, early graduation and ADM – the bill would allow school corporations to count early graduates in their February ADM count.  This is effective on passage and therefore impact this February’s count.  Committee Chair Tim Brown presented an amendment that would remove the cap on the amount of career and technical education enrollment grants that may be distributed per state fiscal year.  The last state budget placed the cap at $130 million.  This is a very positive amendment that passed by consent.  The amended bill passed 21-0.


HB 1055, civil government property tax controls.  IASBO reported on HB 1055 yesterday that would change the calculation of property tax levies for all units of government including school corporations.  It is a very involved bill that helps many school corporations, but is detrimental to others.  The bill will not be heard again by the House Ways & Means Committee this session.  IASBO believes this concept needs further study and agrees with the bill not moving forward.

HB 1223, local public question.  This bill would allow referendums to be held only at general elections.  So, a referendum could not be held in a primary election.  IASBO and all educational management associations oppose this bill.  We were told today that the House Elections Committee would not hear HB 1223 this session.  This is good news as we do not support this concept.

SB 270, collective bargaining.  The bill would have allowed hours to be part of bargaining again and negatively change the definition of deficit financing for bargaining purposes.  The associations oppose this bill.  The bill will not be heard this session.