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Thursday, August 13, 2020  


After yesterday’s announcement that the September ADM count day will be delayed until December, I wanted to clarify a few issues.  First, this delay is not a final solution to the issue.  The issue is not the desire to distribute the 100% of the appropriation for state tuition support in this fiscal year to school corporations.  From all indications, the Governor, House Republicans and Senate Republicans are all in agreement to distribute the full funding.  The issue that has recently been brought up is the language in statute dealing with the school distribution formula and the funding for virtual students.  The delay does not call for a solution to that issue. I have shared this response to several reporters yesterday.  This is a legislative issue that will be debated when the 2021 session begins.  IASBO and the other educational management associations will be working with the leaders to develop a legislative position for 100% funding for virtual students and programs created because of COVID-19.  So, there is still work to be done to deal with the real issue.

Back in April, IASBO was asked by the Governor’s office to develop a list of potential school business issues that are impacted by COVID-19.  The number one issue was the impact on the September ADM count.  IASBO requested that there be a hold harmless provision for the September count and that corporations who would be growing in enrollment be allowed to get credit for their growth.  This was done with the knowledge that the number of students in the majority of school corporations would decline because of parents not allowing their children to attend schools during the COVIS-19 crisis.  Our issue at that time was the decline in tuition support when school started.  Remember that was in early April and we have seen a decline in enrollment in numerous districts.  With the delay in the count date, we see yesterday’s action as a hold harmless and meeting (not totally) our April request.  In April, IASBO also recommended that the collective bargaining timelines be extended.  There has been no action on this issue.

From my calls and emails today, the main concerns were that the delay in the ADM count does not solve the problem, the negative impact on school corporations who have grown in enrollment and how do we deal with the collective bargaining timelines without knowing our revenue.  All of these issues have been communicated to the key players.  This is still a fluid issue that now gets the State Board of Education involved.  I would anticipate some action on the new count date in the next few days.  Stay tuned and see what the next move will be.