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New State Revenue Forecast

Monday, December 18, 2017  
TO: IASBO Members

FROM: Denny Costerison

This afternoon the State Budget Committee received a revised revenue forecast for the State of Indiana. The revised revenue forecast shows a decrease of approximately $400 million ($175.5 million in FY2018 and $219.2 million in FY2109) over the biennium. The major revenue item that decreased was corporate revenue which was lowered by $278.5 million. The major reason for the reduction deals with corporations taking refunds when they overpay their taxes. In the past, the majority of corporations let the excess payments carry over to the next year. Now they are taking those refunds early which causes the corporate revenue to decline. Even with those reductions, the FY2018 revenues are anticipated to grow by 0.9% and the FY2019 revenues by 3.6%. To see the full report, go to the State Budget Agency website.


Position: Deputy Treasurer/Payroll Manager

Corporation: Tippecanoe School Corporation

General Summary of Duties: The job of Deputy Treasurer/Payroll Manager for the Business Office is done for the purpose of providing confidential support to all aspects of the Business Office and specifically the Payroll department while maintaining the district’s compliance with local, state, and federal laws, regulations, and guidelines with respect to personnel and business practices.

Essential Functions:

• Responsible for administering the district’s accounting functions. These functions include establishing and maintaining the district’s accounting controls, the accounting principles, practices and procedures, and initiatives.

• Assists the CFO in managing of financial affairs of the district, including handling of all funds, accounting and reporting procedures, and long-range planning.

• Assumes responsibility for the receipt and expenditure of school district funds.

• Supervises data-gathering activities to provide management information, evaluation techniques, and long-range forecasts.

• Supervise Payroll Secretaries and Accounts Payable Secretary in day to day reporting and processing.

• Assist the CFO in the preparation and administration of the annual budget including development, monitoring and review processes.

• Maintaining banking relationships and cash management services needed by the district.

• Assist in the preparation and balancing of monthly reporting and bank reconciliations.

• Maintain self-insurance fund reporting and claim processing.

• Assist the CFO in correspondence relating to school district purchasing activities.

• Assist the CFO in monitoring of purchase requisitions and accounts payable vouchers to determine accuracy of information, price extensions, coding, etc.

• Prepares monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports as required for payroll and accounts payable.

• Helps to maintain a continuous internal auditing program for all funds.

• Manages the accounting and financial reporting for all grant funds.

• Serves as the administrator for the financial software.

• Serves as Corporation Deputy Treasurer in the absence of, or at the direction of, the Chief Financial Officer.

Entry-Level Requirements:

1. Education/Training: High school diploma required. Preference given to individuals with post-secondary education or demonstrated knowledge of school finance.

2. Experience: Job-related experience with knowledge of school finance preferred.

3. Certifications &/or Licenses: IASBO certification preferred.

4. Other: Ability to perform the essential functions, meet the performance aptitudes, and fulfill the physical/sensory/environmental requirements of the job (with or without reasonable accommodations) is required.

Contact Person: Susan DeLong at

Position: Customer Services Representative

Company: Software Systems, Inc.

Contact: Rich Miller


432 S. Emerson Ave, Suite 200

Greenwood, IN 46143

Application deadline: January 26, 2018