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General Assembly Update

Thursday, January 11, 2018  

House Ways & Means Committee

Yesterday, the committee met to hear HB 1001, K-12 funding appropriations, and HB 1167, school corporation financial management.  HB 1001 is the House version regarding the deficiency in the state tuition support appropriation.  Representative Siegrist is the author of the bill.  Representatives T. Brown, Olthoff and Pressel are also listed on the bill.  HB 1001 permits the State Budget Agency to transfer monies from the state tuition reserve fund to the state general fund to cover the additional appropriation needed to cover the deficiency caused by an increase of students greater than the state budgeted ADM for the school formula.  For fiscal year 2018, there can be a transfer of up to $25 million and $50 million for fiscal year 2019.  At this time, it is estimated that the deficiency amount is approximately $16 million but special education funding has not been finalized.  The amount for fiscal year 2019 is greater because of the anticipation that there could be even greater ADM growth next year.

Testifying in favor of HB 1001 were: ISBA, ISTA, IAPSS and IASBO.  IASBO testified for IAPSS on HB 1001.  All associations thanked the legislative leadership, the bill’s author and the Ways and Means Committee for moving this bill forward.  The bill passed the committee 22-0.

HB 1167 is the clean-up bill for HEA 1009 of 2017.  Representative Cook is the author of the bill.  He was also the author of HEA 1009.  IASBO thanks Representative Cook for his continuing efforts and support regarding this major change in school fund accounting.  

IASBO created a committee last year to review HEA 1009 and suggest amendments for HB 1167.  The association has worked with the State Board of Accounts, the Department of Local Government Finance and the Department of Education throughout this process.  The DLGF report on HEA 1009 that was distributed on October 31, 2017 contained the changes that we had agreed upon.  IASBO greatly appreciates the cooperation and assistance from the state agencies.  Further, we worked closely with the fiscal staff for the House Ways and Means Committee who placed our changes into HB 1167.  IASBO will detail the specific changes in a future email message.

Testifying in favor of HB 1167 were: ISBA, ISTA, IAPSS and IASBO.  IASBO testified for IAPSS.  IASBO thanks Terry Spradlin, ISBA Executive Director, who praised IASBO work our work on HB 1167.  The bill was held for a couple of technical amendments recommended by DLGF.  IASBO agrees with these amendments.  The bill will be brought back next week for votes on the amendments and on the amended bill.

Dennis L. Costerison,
IASBO Executive Director