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General Assembly Activities

Monday, February 26, 2018  


House Ways & Means Committee
This morning, the committee heard SB 172, computer science. The bill was amended to delete language dealing with the local graduation pathway program and grants. The bill passed 19-0.

The committee heard a Democratic amendment to SB 188, attorney general consumer fund, dealing with the creation of school safety grants. SB 188 is not a bill that the associations had followed during the session. The amendment would provide $100 million to public schools for infrastructure safety related improvements and school resource officers.The monies would come from budget reversions. After a lengthy debate, the amendment failed by a vote of 7-12 on party-line votes. The Republicans stated that such an amendment should come in a budget year.

The next bill heard was SB 189, K-12 funding. The bill was amended to state that the budget agency “shall” transfer money from the state tuition reserve account if there is a deficiency in the state tuition support appropriation. The amendment states that the amount to be transferred to the state’s general fund cannot be greater than $25 million for fiscal year 2018 and $75 million for fiscal year 2019. Lastly, the amendment creates a virtual education program report that will detail the virtual programs conducted by K-12 school corporations. The amendment was added to the bill by a consent vote.

Another amendment was presented to SB 189 dealing with virtual charter schools. It stated that if a virtual charter school’s graduation rate is 30% or lower for two consecutive years, the virtual charter school is closed. After some debate, Representative Porter withdrew the amendment.

The amended SB 189 passed the committee by a vote of 22-0.

Tomorrow, the committee will hear SB 50, workforce development; career and technical education, and SB 43, racial balance fund rate and levy.

Senate Floor Action
This afternoon, HB 1167, school corporation financial management, was passed by the Senate by a vote of 48-0. HB 1167 is the bill that IASBO has worked on for the past several months to clean up issues in HEA 1009 (2017). IASBO thanks Senator Mishler for sponsoring the bill in the Senate and Representative Cook for being the author of the bill.

Position: Internal Auditor (Controls)
Corporation: Valparaiso Community Schools
Purpose: The Internal Auditor will work within the school district to ensure compliance of internal control procedures and regulations. The Internal Auditor will also assist management in the development of systems and processes that will improve efficiency and compliance.
Responsible to: Chief Financial Officer
Salary: $45,000 to $50,000 depending on experience
Qualifications: The Internal Auditor will demonstrate a high level of professionalism with advanced skills and talents, to facilitate the achievement of district business initiatives. 1. Bachelors Degree in Accounting, Business Management or related field preferred 2. Prior experience in school finance preferred 3. Proficiency in using basic office equipment and technology including Word and Excel 4. Must qualify for approval to be covered under an individual faithful performance of duty bond with a minimum coverage level of $100,000. 5. Adhere to strict confidentiality requirements. 6. Desire to continue career improvement.
Submit all application materials via AppliTrack at

Position: Payroll Specialist
Corporation: Valparaiso Community Schools
SALARY RANGE: $15.00 to $20.00 per hour depending on experience
JOB SUMMARY: Organize and direct the accounting processes of the Payroll Department in preparing and producing the District’s payroll. To assure employees are paid in an accurate and timely manner; direct and participate in the preparation, maintenance, processing, analysis and auditing of payroll data, records and reports.
REPORTS TO: Chief Financial Officer
Please apply on-line through our website, click on Human Resources, then Employment Opportunities, then click on Applitrack link and follow the directions.

Dennis L. Costerison
Executive Director