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Wednesday, March 7, 2018  

Conference Committee Time
The House and Senate have completed their work on bills that moved through both houses.  If a bill was amended in the second house and the author of the bill does not agree to the new amendments, a conference committee is created.  The conference committee consists of two representatives and two senators appointed by the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tem of the Senate.  The purpose of a conference committee is to come to a compromise on the language in the bill in question.  Conference committees began today.

Conference Committee on HB 1001
This afternoon the conference committee on HB 1001, K-12 funding, met.  Representative Sally Siegrist is the author of HB 1001 and the chair of the conference committee.  She presented provisions that she would like in the final bill.  The provisions were:

Up to $25 million would be transferred from the tuition reserve fund to the state general fund to make-up the deficiency in the state appropriation for tuition support.  It is estimated that the deficiency is between $22 and $23 million for this fiscal year.
Current language would be revised to state that the State Budget Director “shall” make this transfer.  Current law says the transfer “may” be made.  IASBO supports this revision.
For the next fiscal year, up to $75 million will be available to be transferred if a deficiency occurs.  That should be sufficient to meet any deficiency next year.
Language that was added in the Senate to HB 1001 regarding the counting of kindergarten students.  To be counted for ADM purposes in the school formula, the pupil must be 5 years of age on or before the day of the fall count of ADM.
Language that was added to SB 189 in the House will require a school corporation who has a virtual education program to submit a report including the following information for the 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 school years: virtual education program enrollment policy, including grade levels served; ADM count of the students participating in a virtual education program, including the composition of the legal settlement of the students and the percentage of total instructional time spent by the students; and an estimate of the expected ADM count of students in the program for the 2019-2020 school year.

A brief public testimony was allowed and IASBO, ISBA and ISTA supported the compromise bill.  After several questions and discussion, the committee was placed in recess to draft a conference committee report.  From all indications, all four conferees will sign this report.

Last Days of the 2018 Session
It was reported today that the General Assembly will meet tomorrow, but not on Friday.  There will be conference committee meetings tomorrow and next Monday and Tuesday.  The 2018 General Assembly session must end by Wednesday, March 14 at midnight.  So the next few days will be very hectic with conference committees and final bill determinations.

The conference committee on HB 1315 will be held Monday morning.  At this time, the time and location has not been determined. 

Position:        Administrative Associate - Finance
Corporation:  Caston School Corporation

Caston School Corporation will be filling a vacancy for Administrative Associate for Finance with the intention of a May, 2018 – June, 2018 start date for the candidate selected.  This individual will work alongside the current Administrative Associate for Finance as well as the Administrative Associate for Personnel in a cross-training program until mid-August when the position will be vacated.

Go to the Caston website to view the position duties, qualifications, benefits and compensation.

Accepting resume’s and applications immediately.  Interviews to take place mid March-April. Please submit to Mrs. Lucinda Douglass, Caston Superintendent at Caston’s central office.  Questions regarding the position should be directed to Mrs. Douglass.

Position:        Director of Finance/Corporation Treasurer
Corporation:  Knox Community School Corporation

Requirements: Serve as the Board’s fiscal advisor. Keep the Superintendent and Board informed about the District’s financial status and emerging issues. Maintain accurate financial records. Recommend operational improvements that enhance the District’s fiscal accountability. Uphold Board policies and follow administrative procedures.

Submit the following: Letter of interest; Application; Resume; References

Contact: Dr. William Reichhart, Superintendent, Knox Community School Corporation; #2 Redskin Trail, Knox, IN 46534; 574-772-1601;

Dennis L. Costerison,
Executive Director