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Tuesday, March 13, 2018  


Conference Committee on HB 1315
Late yesterday morning, a conference committee hearing was held on HB 1315, school corporation financial management.  Representative Tim Brown is the chair of the committee.  After the chair allowed each conferee and advisor to speak on the bill, Representative Brown allowed public testimony.  Testifying on the bill were: ISTA, IFT, Vic Smith, Hoosier Press Association, ISBA, IASBO and Indiana Coalition for Public Education.  The primary discussion from legislators resolved around the Gary and Muncie school board issues.  IASBO testified on only the section of the bill dealing with the fiscal indicators for school corporations.

After the testimony and as he recessed the committee, Representative Brown distributed a conference committee report on HB 1315.  There is little change in the Gary and Muncie issues from the original House version of HB 1315.  Regarding the fiscal indicators section, the report incorporates many of the issues brought up by IASBO.  The committee to determine the fiscal and qualitative indicators will continue to function and work with the DUAB after they have developed the indicators.  Indiana ASBO will continue to have a member on the committee.  The report kept the confidentiality provisions that were in the Senate version of HB 1315.  IASBO supports these provisions.  The language in the conference committee report matches what the IASBO legislative resolution states regarding fiscal indicators.

The report may be tweeked some more, but it is essentially what the final report will be.  It is anticipated that the Democratic members of the conference committee will not sign the report because of the impact on the Gary and Muncie schools.  The Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tem of the Senate can replace conferees who refuse to sign a conference committee report.  We will know the outcome on HB 1315 by tomorrow which is the last day of the 2018 General Assembly session.

Conference Committee on SB 387
Yesterday, the conference committee on SB 387, teacher licensing, met.  Senator Andy Zay is the chairman of the committee.  In a surprise move, Senator Zay presented a conference committee report that deleted a provision that would have allowed school corporations to hire unlicensed teachers to fill up to 10% of their teaching positions. Currently, charter schools already have this flexibility.  The bill will now move forward without this provision.

Senate Bill 33 Comes Alive in HB 1214
In a move that is seen often at the end of the session, HB 1214 was stripped of its original language (legalizing cannabis extract CBD oil) and the language from SB 33, houses of worship and firearms, was inserted as well as language dealing with lifetime gun permit carry licenses.  The SB 33 portion would expand the places that individuals could carry guns to include churches that have schools on their property.  HB 1214 now becomes the gun bill for this session.

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