Committee Members

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Research Committees

  • Accounting and Budgeting Research Committee
    Chair:  Erica Purvis, Elkhart Community Schools
    This committee deals primarily with corporation treasurers and deputy treasurer issues. The committee focuses on the roles and responsibilities of the treasurer position. This would include budgeting, accounting, payroll, and accounts payable and receivable issues. The committee is responsible for the 4-day Treasurer’s Workshop, the Treasurer/Deputy Treasurer Round Tables at the Annual Meeting, and seminars regarding the duties of treasurers. Further, the committee develops the program for IASBO’s two Extracurricular Accounting seminars.
  • Business Operations Research Committee
    Chair:  Kelley Kitchen, Goshen Community Schools
    The committee focuses on school business management issues such as school nutrition, transportation, risk management, investment procedures, purchasing, etc. The committee develops sessions for the Annual Meeting and an annual seminar regarding one of the aforementioned topics.
  • Management and HR Research Committee
    Chair:  Brian Simkins, Warren Township, MSD of
    The committee creates programs on the various human resources issues such as collective bargaining, recruiting/hiring/ and firing of employees, teacher licensing, retirement programs, fringe benefit issues, and the various federal programs impacting HR. The committee plans the annual Human Resources seminar and several sessions at the Annual Meeting.
  • School Finance Research Committee
    Chair:  Kirby Stahly, East Allen County Schools
    This committee focuses on school funding and financing issues including bond transactions and referendums. The committee deals with the school distribution formula, categorical funding, cash management, property tax issues, school budgeting and accounting. The annual School Finance seminar is developed by the committee plus programs for the Annual Meeting.
  • School Operations Research Committee
    Chair:  Nate Koets, Concord Community Schools
    The primary focus of the committee is the school physical plant. This would include maintenance, custodial, grounds care, safety issues, and energy management. School building construction (new and remodeling) is included in the committee responsibilities. The committee plans the annual School Facility Conference and programs for the Annual Meeting.

Standing Committees